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Oh, hello there. 

I didn’t hear you come in. Welcome, pull up a chair and get comfy, can I get you something, coffee? water? I’m glad you stopped by, this little studio can get lonely sometimes. Based out of East Vancouver, I specialize in print, digital and environmental design for various organizations both big and small. Take a look around and let me know what you think,
I’d love to work on something great together.


As an art director and designer, I am involved in numerous roles including design, brand consulting and marketing. Ultimately, I am a creative problem solver, who carefully combines the aesthetics of good design and marketing ideas, resulting in well formulated solutions. In the past I have worked with clients both local and abroad, including clients from New Zealand, United States, and Canada. I’ve worked in a range of industries including television production, designing pitch treatments and presentations to real estate development. Through design, I aim to encourage and challenge clients to push the envelope of what is expected, and go beyond their envisioned plan to stand out and strive for more.



I believe great design is an art of reduction. A great designer is able to recognize this and finding a balance in the important versus the unnecessary.


No detail is too small. I look at the bigger picture but I understand the importance that small details hold.


I take pride in the work that I do and do it with extra care. I love creative work that demonstrates attention to detail and high levels of craftsmanship.


I work with a collective of creative people on different aspects of every project. Partnerships are the basis of everything I do, because the best work happens when there is proper communication and a common goal in place.


- Branding & Identity Systems
- Website Design, Print & Collateral
- Stationery, Photo Art Direction
- Signage & Way-finding
- Editorial Design & Art Direction
- Annual Reports
- Environmental Graphics & Installations
- Packaging
…and just about anything else.


- Harley-Davidson
- Fresh Air Publishing
- Product Care
- Nikita Marketing
- Pace Creative
- Braun/Allison
- Fins Media Group
- Trees Coffee
- Lambda Solutions
- RT Strategy

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